Aluminum transport box TAF CASE 92


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TAF CASE ALU 92: safe aluminum box to protect valuable goods

The TAF CASE ALU 92 is one high quality Aluminum box that is used to protect sensitive goods. Certain objects should be particularly secured - regardless of whether they are stationary storage or around that transport (e.g. as part of business and holiday trips). Laptops, expensive tools for construction sites, cameras and the appropriate accessories, fine clothing or laboratory technology are just a few examples. With this aluminum box you are even up Extreme situations prepared - be it on land, in a plane or on the water.

Important details at a glance

  • corrosion and temperature resistant
  • Rubber seal for dust and splash protection
  • tightly closing lever locks
  • Carrying handles for more safety
  • stable, wide-opening hinged lid
  • ideal for stacking , to save space
  • Holes for padlocks or seals

Technical details

External dimensions: 780 x 385 x 367 mm (LxWxH)
Internal dimensions: 750 x 350 x 350 mm (LxWxH)
Weight: 5.96kg
volume 92 liters
Wall thickness: 1.0mm
Lid thickness 1.5mm

The special advantages of the aluminum box for stationary storage

The TAF CASE ALU 92 aluminum box has robust and secure closing Lever tension locks . There are also holes for Padlocks and seals available. So you can easily ensure that no unauthorized person has access to the stored items. Thanks to the stable and far opening Hinged lid However, it is very easy for you to remove or store objects. Thanks to its square shape, the aluminum box can be easily stored. If you purchase several models, you can also do this space saving stack .

The special advantages of the aluminum box for transport

The TAF CASE ALU 92 aluminum box offers height storage volume enough space for a lot of luggage or, for example, larger tools. she is dust - and splash-proof (IP67). It is not a problem for the suitcase if it comes into contact with moisture, for example in the belly of an airplane. A surrounding rubber seal ensures that your goods are really completely shielded. The box also comes with additional aluminum profiles reinforced on the lid and container. It is not only corrosion-, weather- and temperature-resistant, but also particularly stable. It can easily handle the forces it is exposed to, for example when loading and unloading a plane. Self-folding Safety handles ensure easy transport. The aluminum box can also be easily converted into a trolley using wheels.

You want bigger ones valuables future secure store and or transport ? Then decide now TAF CASE ALU 92 aluminum box .