BENT aluminum ridge tension rod 215-235 cm



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The aluminum ridge tension rod was specially developed to eliminate the need for the front guy line, which is stretched away from the vehicle, on hard surfaces (such as asphalt) or when there is very little space. To do this, fix the side of the aluminum ridge bar to the tension rod of the universal adapter with the pipe clamp. The counterpart to the aluminum tension rod is inserted with the flat side and the hole over the mandrel of the setup rod. With a wall thickness of 1.2 mm, a diameter of 25/22 mm and telescopic from 215-235 cm, this aluminum ridge tension rod is made of absolutely high-quality aluminum. The last element can be adjusted using a rotary fixation in order to achieve optimal tension on the BENT sun sail. The necessary tension on the BENT sun sail can be achieved using the telescopic aluminum ridge tension rod.

The use of the aluminum ridge tension rod is always possible in conjunction with the vehicle universal adapter + aluminum tension rod.

Delivery: 1 adjustable aluminum ridge tension rod

• Adjustable end piece 215-235 cm long
• 1 side with plastic pipe clamp for 22 mm pipe
• 1 side with hole for tent pole tip

• Aluminum

• 100% aluminum

• Size: 215-235cm x 22/19mm x 1.2mm
• Weight: approx. 450 g
• Pack size: 70 x 5 x 5 cm