BENT universal vehicle adapter 5.8 + 7.2mm



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The "universal vehicle adapter" from BENT is the core module, which allows the BENT sun sail to be attached to any vehicle. The vehicle adapter has three different connection options for universal attachment to the caravan and vehicle. Thanks to the two different sizes of 5.8 mm and 7.2 mm, the double piping allows it to be pulled into all standard piping rails. The lock bar tunnel is equipped with its two central openings, which allows the lock bar and suction cup adapter to be attached to the respective vehicle. These 4 Velcro strap loops are used to attach to vehicle bodies or to roof rails. The zippered cover flap on the universal vehicle adapter ensures a dry transition from the vehicle to the canopy. It is suitable for all vehicles such as campers, caravans, motorhomes, SUVs or cars.
Practical mesh bag with drawstring and small pack size

Box contents: 1 universal vehicle adapter, 1 mesh bag with drawstring

• Double piping with 5.8/7.2 mm
• Lock bar tunnel
• 4 Velcro loops
• 2 reinforced eyelets
• SBS branded zipper

• Dark gray / black zip

• 100% Polyester 150D
• PVC reinforced cover flap

• Size: 250 x 15 cm
• Connection width: approx. 235 cm
• Weight: approx. 570 g
• Pack size: 20 x 21 cm