Boxio dry separation toilet


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The ultra-light and compact dry separation toilet from Boxio is ideal for on the go or in the garden shed. It is a good and environmentally friendly alternative to the chemical toilet

The advantages of a separating toilet outweigh:

A separating toilet in a handy Eurobox format measuring 400 x 300 x 280 mm (L x W x H with lid). The BOXIO dry separation toilet finds its place in almost every van, motorhome and trunk.

  • Capacity for around 8-10 toilet trips
  • a hygienic solids container (5 liters) with lid
  • a leak-proof urine canister (5 liters)
  • regional product made from recycled plastic
  • Environmentally friendly alternative to chemical toilets

Dry Separation Toilet Materials :

The separating toilet is made of easy-to-clean plastic.
Sustainability is taken into account in purchasing and development and Euroboxes manufactured in Germany are used.
Furthermore, the separating insert is also produced in Germany from regenerated material.

  • Separating insert: ABS regenerated
  • BOXIO Eurobox: PP regenerated
  • Faeces bucket: PP
  • Urine canister: HDPE 40% regenerated

BOXIO - TOILET is ready to use

  • After unpacking the separation toilet, only 4 small screws need to be inserted
  • Insert the Boxio bag and you're ready to go

Easy to use the dry separation toilet

  • Simply fold up the separation insert and fill the waste container of the separation toilet with one of our tear-resistant and compostable Boxio bags. Handful of hemp litter in - ready, go!
  • Just put it on and you can start using it just like on a normal toilet
  • Dispose of toilet paper in the waste container or separately
  • Sprinkle the solid residue with the odor-binding hemp litter, close the lid - done!
  • for 8-10 trips to the toilet

Dry Separation Toilet – Easy to empty, easy to maintain.

  • Thanks to the ingenious folding mechanism of the separating toilet, the separating toilet insert can simply be folded up to empty the separating containers. All parts can be cleaned hygienically - without any musty wooden parts! We recommend using ecologically degradable cleaning agents for cleaning.

Disposal after using the separation toilet

In the garden:

Urine can be diluted with water in a mixing ratio of 1:10 and poured out. The solids can be composted. Care should be taken to ensure sufficient composting before the soil is put back on the beds.

On the way:

Use chemical toilet disposal stations for urine while on the go. The solids can also be properly packaged and disposed of in residual waste (such as baby diapers). Please pay responsible attention to the place of disposal. The urine canister can be emptied into toilets as there are no chemicals added.

Our separate toilet helps you save the places from the chaos of treadmills, which has often led to prohibition signs and the annoyance of locals and authorities.

Scope of delivery:

  • Eurobox format 40 x 30 x 28 cm with lid
  • Separation insert
  • 5 L collecting container with lid
  • 2 Screw cap (1x waterproof, 1x with membrane)

    External dimensions : 400 x 300 x 280 mm (with lid)

    Weight : approx. 3.9 kg

    Material : recycled plastic

    Color : black