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Christmas is popular everywhere. Sweet delicacies in the weeks before Christmas Eve are in demand among young and old. But people with visual impairments or blindness do not yet have the chance to experience the classic “opening the door”.

The original Kampmann's "Braille Advent Calendar" has been sweetening the Advent season since 2012.
24 chambers with the most delicate milk chocolate, which are hidden behind braille-labeled doors, offer a very special chocolate pleasure.

The numbers are designed in such a way that even severely visually impaired people have the opportunity to make optimal use of their visual acuity. Every year, Christmas pictures bring joy to the holidays.
Our chocolate Advent calendar with Braille makes it possible for blind and visually impaired people to also experience Christmas joy. A perfect gift at a fair price that will bring joy to you, your children or friends.

Jürgen Kampmann was astonished when he wanted to give a gift to the blind and visually impaired students at the Opticus School in Bielefeld in 2011: There was no Advent calendar in Braille, something that the children wanted so much. The energetic inventor quickly set about developing a revolutionary production method to make all children have fun and look forward to Christmas Eve.

“Because it’s not the money, but the people and their quality of life that are our priority.”
-Jürgen Kampmann, 2012

The Advent calendars will be sent out from November or are ready for collection in Borgholzhausen