deuter STREAMER hydration system



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The drinking systems from deuter allow a continuous supply of fluid without having to interrupt your sporting activity. Deuter backpacks in particular are specially tailored to the hydration systems. The entire system is BPA and PFC free.

Hydration system expertise from SOURCE:

Taste-Free TM : The inner surface of the hydration bladder and tube is as smooth as glass. These molecular material properties make the streamer tasteless, very hygienic and easy to clean.

Grunge-Guard TM : This coating, which is firmly bonded to the carrier material, prevents bacteria from settling in the drinking system.

Easy Clean: The drinking bladders can be easily filled and cleaned thanks to the large opening across the entire width - absolutely leak-proof thanks to the sliding clip closure.

Dirt Guard: The attachable protective cap keeps dirt away from the mouthpiece during longer transport.


  • PFAS free


Weight 175g
volume 2 liters
Dimensions 35x19


Weight 185g
volume 3 liters
Dimensions 42x21