Esbit spirit cooking set, 2.35L, without non-stick coating


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Particularly efficient, large and yet compact: This is how the advantages of this extensive cooking set, which contains many accessories, can be described. The heat exchanger stands for efficiency, with which meals can be prepared much faster and with less energy consumption.

1.8L and 2.35L: The size of the pots included in the set suggests that this cooking set is ideal for tours with someone who would like to cook more. The set also includes the kettle stand, which gives the pan additional stability. Pots and the non-stick coated pan, windscreen, stand, lid and also the handle tongs are made of hard anodized aluminum, the spirit burner is made of brass. The entire set can be stacked one inside the other to save space during transport. The folding handle on the flame regulator allows you to easily extinguish the flame.

What advantages does a cooking set have to offer? For example, exceptionally high efficiency. Esbit achieves this thanks to the use of heat exchangers on the pots. For example, with less alcohol consumption, a larger amount of water can be brought to the boil more quickly. Esbit is currently the only supplier of alcohol stoves with heat exchangers.
The scaling in the pots in oz is also advantageous. and liters, the pot holder, as well as the plates included in the set, which also serve to protect the heat exchanger during transport.
Everything can be stacked inside each other and stored in the mesh bag to save space.

Cooker diameter 20.2cm
Capacity 1.8l/2.35l
Item height 12.8cm
Item weight 1075g

Individual packaging dimensions 21.2cm x 21.2cm x 13.5cm

Weight including packaging 1374g

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