Klymit HOMESTEAD™ CABIN BLANKET Fleece-lined duvet



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Plush fleece lined duvet for ultimate luxury comfort

Product description:

The Homestead Cabin Fleece Duvet is the ultimate in luxury comfort.

Wrap yourself in this soft, plush, high-loft fleece-lined blanket with a durable canvas exterior.

Thick, synthetic high-loft insulation keeps you warm while you cozy up by the fire.

Perfect for draping over the chair in the cabin or throwing in your RV for your next big adventure.

Available in two sizes: Regular and Queen.


● Plush, soft interior lined with high-loft fleece

● Durable, water-resistant canvas exterior

● Synthetic high-loft insulation

● Quilted stitch pattern keeps insulation in place and eliminates cold spots

● Machine washable on gentle cycle, hang dry

● Pack sack included

Weight REG: 2,270 g
Large: 3,402 g
Size REG: 204 x 148 cm
Large: 229 x 204 cm
Pack size REG: 43 x 43 x 20 cm
Large: 58 x 51 x 28 cm
Material: Nylon Poly Dobby
Insulation High Loft fleece insert

Collections: Outdoor equipment, Sleep

Category: Decke, Schlaf, Schutz

Type: Decke