LAYZEE Kitchen Box



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The mobile camping kitchen for your next adventure on the go

The Layzee kitchen box
ensures more order in the outdoor kitchen with its dividers
The box has a large storage compartment on the left side under the small board. A compartment under the pull-out, for example for the optional gas cooker.

Each storage compartment is equipped with an anti-slip mat.

In the lower part of the box there is another separate storage compartment with a flap and push button.

The side storage or work surface can be pulled out. Perfect for a gas stove or as an extended work surface.

The lid is suitable as a standard lid with a stop hinge.

  • When folded down, it can be used as a storage surface or table in combination with the table legs.
  • There is also a wind stopper so that the lid cannot close in windy conditions. This is simply inserted between the opened lid and the box.
  • The magnetic table legs are height-adjustable and can be easily attached to the lid from the outside and used as a table.
  • You can use the two bamboo storage boards in various ways:
  • Place both boards next to each other so that you get a flat work surface in the box.
  • The larger board across as an elevated work surface.
  • The smaller board on the left and the larger board on the extended pull-out, so that you can either cook in the box or have easier access to your stored things.
  • The magnetic strip in the lid ensures that when the lid is opened, you can attach various metal equipment to the strip (e.g. knife, lamp, bottle opener, etc.)
  • The optional stand has 3 different adjustable heights, so you can also cook in an elevated position. The Kitchenbox table legs can be adjusted to the highest level. This means that the lid can also be used as a standing table. A practical bag for storage is included.

Optional camping stove

The optional camping stove fits perfectly into the box and on the side pull-out, making optimal use of the space in the box. The cooker has a built-in piezo ignition (rotary switch) that makes the cooker easy to start. The stove is operated with conventional gas cartridges.

all advantages

  • More order thanks to 3 dividers
  • Lid with 2 functions; Can be set up 90 degrees using two swivel hinges or folded completely to use the lid as a table.
  • 2 mobile table legs that are attached to the lid in seconds with counter magnets.
  • Storage bag for the table legs which can be stored in the side pull-out to save space.
  • Wind stopper that can be clamped between the lid and the box so that the lid cannot close when used at 90 degrees.
  • practical magnetic strip on the lid
  • 2 bamboo boards that can be used in different positions and thus create the best possible storage option
  • Separate storage compartment with push button
  • Anti-slip mats in checker plate look
  • At just 10kg, it's a perfect camping kitchen for on the go
  • Powder-coated aluminum box in anthracite
  • optional accessories available: (stand & camping stove)