Riegeladventure FireDragon fire starter


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Do you already know our latest gadget, the Riegeladventure FireDragon?

Small and compact, this tool fits in any pants or jacket. It is your loyal companion when it comes to keeping your campfire burning even in difficult situations. Made of aluminum and stainless steel, it is robust enough to withstand even longer periods of use without damage.

When pushed together, this telescopic "blowpipe" made of stainless steel finds its place in the specially manufactured aluminum housing. The mouthpiece is also included here, which gives you full control when blowing.

With its low weight and length of just 12 cm when folded, it is super compact to transport and can also be easily attached using the belt clip.

When extended, the length is almost 50 cm, so you are far enough away from the fire and protected from the heat.

Color of aluminum black