Tatonka Euro Wallet RFID B



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Euro Wallet RFID B with certified read protection in the low, high frequency and ultra-high frequency range

Foldable wallet with many compartments and integrated read protection. RFID technology is on the rise: Electronically stored data on RFID chips, which are built into credit cards, cell phones or ID cards, for example, are read quickly and without contact using local radio technology. But this also arouses criminal energies, which is why documents and devices equipped in this way should be protected. There is enough space in the Euro Wallet for banknotes, business cards and credit cards. And of course there is also a separate zipped compartment for change.

You can find all information about our RFID block products here .

Extra information:

Tatonka uses CRYPTALLOY® film in all of its RFID block products. This offers maximum shielding in all relevant RFID frequency ranges (from 100 kHz to 4 GHz, i.e. low frequency range, high frequency range and ultra-high frequency range). In addition, the protective film disrupts “radio traffic” by causing a frequency shift. The functionality of the CRYPTALLOY® film was tested and certified by TÜV Saarland.

The manufacturer of the film, the company Kryptronics Technologies Munich, has confirmed and certified Tatonka the prescribed processing of the film in all RFID block products. Here's the link Test report Euro Wallet RFID B.

  • Hinged with Velcro fastener
  • Suitable for ID card
  • Zippered change compartment on the outside
  • Compartment for a memory card
  • Highest RFID read protection with TÜV-certified RFID blocking material CRYPTALLOY®
  • Shielding of all frequencies and suitable for all cards
  • Inside has a secure zip pocket for money or similar.
  • Clear compartment inside
  • Banknote compartment
  • Four credit card slots


Dimensions: 10x14x2cm
Weight: 70g
Material 1: T-Square Rip FD
Material 2: CRYPTALLOY®


Composition 100% polyamide

Due to its fine structure, this development from Tatonka appears very technical. The very tight, special weave of the 210 den fibers makes the fabric extremely stable, but it remains extremely light. By using FD yarn (full-dull), the fabric has a matt surface. Ideal for our lightweight trekking and hiking backpacks.

T-Square Rip FD


Composition aluminum alloy

Shielding products with the specially developed, high-quality and tear-resistant material CRYPTALLOY® offer the highest level of protection against RFID/NFC attacks on electronically stored data. This TÜV-certified material blocks radio waves on all common RFID frequencies and is suitable for all cards.