TORTUGA hammock made of cotton fabric 310x140


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This hammock was developed by "Tortuga" at the suggestion of boy scouts for youth camps. It is made of black cotton fabric, which is also used in tents such as the yurt and the kohte.

The hammock measures 310 x 140 cm and can hold up to approx. 150 kg. It is also ideal for staying there with 2 people.

The fabric has a surface weight of approx. 280 g/m² and is ideal for a hammock due to its high strength values. The PP straps used also ensure safety with a tear strength of > 200 daN (=kg).

The weight is approx. 2 kg and has a pack size of L: 45 cm, W: 20 cm, H 12 cm.

The delivery includes the hammock including the PP straps, 2 galvanized iron rings and a packing bag.