Tortuga yurt roof


11 035 006

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Yurt roof consisting of a finished piece without or with an approx. 16 cm wide eaves edge and a diameter of approx. 610 cm, 810 cm or 920 cm. To attach the side tarpaulins, a button placket with double buttons and buttonholes (under the eaves edge) is sewn on. (The button placket is protected from rain by the eaves edge only on those with an eaves edge). It is suspended from the smoke hole using galvanized D-rings. The bracing points on the eaves edge are reinforced and equipped with hot-dip galvanized D-rings. There are intermediate guy points on the eaves edge for even more security.

The standard version for kohten and yurt products.

material 100% cotton
water column approx. 30 cm
Color Black
equipment Water repellent, fungicide